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6 Basic Tips for Affiliate Marketers

You’re probably wondering how to make money online; there are many ways, and affiliate marketing is a very common way to make money online!

Yet, some feel it is difficult to sell products and services online, while others think and make it look easy. The problem is many people do not know the proper way to promote their Affiliate offer and they end up thinking affiliate marketing is difficult. This is a common misconception; many people think that affiliate marketing must be difficult for you to make money.

The truth? If you want to make money from Affiliate Marketing, then it is important for you to not only work hard and smart — but also, follow the tips below and watch your success rate drastically increase.

Making money by promoting other people’s product/service may seem difficult, but in this post, I am going to share some tips for beginners that will help them.

Let’s get started…

1. Build Trust Before Selling:

Be genuine and build trust with your audience. It is the top factor to becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer. Nobody purchases ANYTHING from an untrustworthy source.

How do you become trustworthy?

· Only promote QUALITY products you are familiar with and use. Try the product before promoting it. Go through all the steps of the Sales Funnel.

· Research the product/service. Contact the support team to get your questions answered and see how long it takes for them to answer.

· Ensure that the product/service can deliver the result.

· Write an unbiased review — include the cons as well as the pros. Update your review as often as you need to.

2. Choose Niche Related Product/Service and Trusted Affiliate Networks

Choosing the right product/service for your Niche/Audience is very important in having success in your Affiliate Marketing business. Also, some Affiliate offers are hosted on Affiliate Networks, (such as ClickBank, JVZoo, etc.) — ensure these networks are reputable as well. Ensure they have a customer support team and test their timing to get back to questions.

3. Cloaking Your Affiliate Link

An Affiliate link is the unique link supplied to you from the product/service vendor. It generally contains unique numbers, your Affiliate ID or username to identify you as the “owner” of the traffic that you sent to review the vendor’s product/service. The vendor uses that Affiliate link to track sales, traffic, etc. Generally, the links that the vendor provides to you is not very attractive. Cloaking your affiliate link is just a good practice as long as your affiliate program allows it. By cloaking your affiliate link, it looks more appealing to visitors because your links look more trustworthy and make it clear where the visitor will end up. Your “cloaked” link should have the product name in it to let your visitor know what they are clicking.

4. Create Valuable Content for Your Affiliate Product

Valuable content in not only good for SEO but is also important in attracting a wider audience (people will like and share VALUABLE content). The valuable content MUST be congruent with your Affiliate product/service. The bigger the audience, the more traffic you will drive to your Affiliate product (and more sales go hand in hand with more traffic).

5. Always be testing

Why is split testing important? Split testing ensures that decisions aren’t made by gut feel or guesswork. By comparing different variables of your web pages, such as your Opt-in, Images or Heading on landing pages, the split test helps you identify which one has a better conversion rate for your visitors. **For tracking purposes — Only test one variable at a time**

Another quick way is to check other Affiliate’s sites, content, offer and split test what is converting well on their site compared to yours. If theirs is converting higher — MODEL what they are doing on your site — DO NOT COPY !!!

6. Stay up to date on the Vendor’s Affiliate Resource Section

Most product/service vendors provide high converting promotional material in their resource pages. Always start here first — they have just as much interest in you succeeding at promoting their product/service. The Vendor is also doing split testing — so check the resource pages often to ensure you have the latest high converting promotional material.

If you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, don’t ignore these simple tips. The tips may seem simple — but they can prove to be crucial to your online success. Ensure you are promoting quality products/services to the right audience with valuable content, and you will be building trustworthy, lasting relationships with your audience/customers that you can re-market to with other niche-related, high quality products/services.

Let me know your top tips by leaving a comment below. Feel free to like, comment and share.



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