Network Marketing | Pyramids And Other Negativity

In business and in particular in a businesses like this — pyramids are illegal. Pyramids mean that money is made by recruiting people into your network — a ‘headhunting fee’; or you have to purchase a substantial amount of inventory.

However, in our MLM, money is made just like in any other business. When products move or when somebody joins the business, there is no substantial amount of money earned. Money is made as your network is developed — which moves products by consumption.

This business is very unique in the fact that money flows to the point of productivity. The person who is willing to do the most work; who is willing to go out and build their network and add value to people’s lives — is the one who is going to make more money. You could actually make a lot more money than the person whom sponsored you or the person whom sponsored your sponsor. This is provided you’re willing to learn, apply yourself, and do the work.

In fact, that’s what got me very excited about this business. Because at my job, there was a ceiling and I could not make more money than my boss and the people reporting to me never made more money than I did. However, in this business, as long as I am willing to be sincere, in helping people and as long as I have a dream and as long as I was willing to roll up my sleeves and do the work, I can out-earn anybody.

If you are going to look at we are doing — I want you to go to a good source. This source is going to give you some websites you can go to take a look at; and one thing I encourage you not to do, don’t try to check it out with your brother-in-law, or your next door neighbor, or your your co-worker — none of them will have a clue to what our business is about. I am sure they will have their opinions — opinions they have probably formed by listening to well-meaning, close-minded people.

Also, a lot of you are going search Google. Before you do that — I want to give you an example. How many of you have been on the road and you stop at a convenience store or gas station to use the bathroom? And when you go in, it’s not the nicest bathroom you’ve been in. You notice phone numbers on the walls. Now, how many of you have ever called a phone number on the wall of a bathroom? I would think most of you will tell me you haven’t.

So the only thing I’m encouraging you to do is to not go to the bathroom walls of the internet. When you do search and check out Network Marketing, you’ll notice some negatives. It’s not really about Network Marketing though. It’s about personalities — it’s about people — it’s about people that had conflict with one another.

Also, as you look around on the internet, or try to do research, (what most people misunderstand is that when they Google something, they think they’re doing research — they are actually doing search). You don’t know what you’re going to get.

I have realized— successful people don’t sit around on the internet all day. A lot of times, it’s the people that have failed or that have a grudge or an ax to grind that have the time to put negative stuff on the internet.

Just like your occupation, whatever it is, Google it — you’re going to find good and bad in that occupation. And that’s true in our industry also. You know there’s two sides to every story, so go check out the particular MLM with a reliable source. Not something that could be posted on a bathroom wall somewhere. You will get excited and fired up about what we do.

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